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What’s in a Name? This Playlist Will Show You

Inspiration is everywhere and many musical acts take it from each other. This running playlist features tunes from artists who got their names from song titles.

Nike’s Latest Flyknits Actually Make Running Feel Easier On Your Body

Even the most casual runners know how tough running can be on your feet. When you’re in the middle of a marathon training cycle—or even if running’s just a casual hobby—the mere act of standing up on beat-up feet first thing in the morning can make you wince (just me?). That’s a big reason for […]

The Ultimate 1990s Running Playlist

A little Pearl Jam. A dash of Nirvana. The Cranberries. No Doubt? This running playlist has all the hits of the 90s to stoke nostalgia.

Abbey Cooper is Answering Her Calling at the 2019 U.S. Outdoor Championships

Abbey (D’Agostino) Cooper left the track at the 2016 Olympics in a wheelchair. After she tangled legs with Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand, Cooper crashed to the ground, hobbled to the finish, and later found out she had severely damaged her ACL. What was ahead for the promising young athlete, who’s now 27, was a […]

How to Manage Pain in the Groin

High training volume and increased workout intenstiy can lead to strains and groin pain. Here are a few home remedies to keep injuries at bay.