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Kikkan Randall Shares 3 Tips for Any Fitness Comeback

Kikkan Randall, who was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after winning cross-country skiing gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics, is set to run the New York City Marathon on Nov. 3.

10 Perfect Trail Running Routes

Time to hit refresh on your standard running routes. No matter where you are, there’s a gorgeous trail not far just waiting to be explored. Ranked easiest to hardest, and spanning across all 50 states, these are 10 of the best trail runs in the U.S. to add to your workout wish list. 1) Phoenix […]

13 Trail Running Shoes You’ll Love To Run In

The fall season is the perfect time to get off the road and hit the trails. Crisp air, cooler temps, changing leaves, and clear skies just beg for adventures on dirt, wood chips, or pine needles. We scoured the season’s latest trail-running shoe offerings—from weather-protecting hard chargers to road-to-trail hybrids—to bring you the leaders of […]

Brigid Kosgei Shatters World Record at the 2019 Chicago Marathon

Brigid Kosgei, 25, of Kenya won the 2019 Chicago Marathon in 2:14:04 , besting a world record that has stood since 2003. She went out at a blazing clip, clocking a 15:28 first 5K, which most spectators thought could result in a major blowup later in the race. Instead, Kosgei settled in behind two male […]