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Equality at the Boston Marathon is Long Overdue

To all the dudes who are upset about the new rules for prize money, it’s time to get over it. Since 2004, about 50–60 female runners each year at the Boston Marathon have been eligible to win the women’s prize money, while approximately 7,500 or more male athletes have competed annually for the men’s cash […]

Get Moving With a Spring Cleaning Workout

Want to achieve maximum efficiency? Scrub the floors and do some strength training at the same time. This month, we’re challenging you to do some spring cleaning while sneaking in a full-body workout. You’ll be scrubbing a floor, so you’ll need a bucket filled with water and cleaning solution, and a rag. The challenge is […]

Report: Popular Jogging Stroller Recall Was Tangled in Politics

The Washington Post investigation revealed that the BOB stroller’s front wheel could spontaneously pop off, causing injuries to kids and adults. But the Consumer Product Safety Commission didn’t force a recall. Nearly 100 adults and children were injured by a front-wheel malfunction of a BOB jogging stroller made by Britax Child Safety, but a recall […]

This Playlist is a Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Pop

Get moving with a diverse array of jams this week. This week, our songs to run to cover the gamut of genres.This month’s top workout tracks are all over the place, so—rather than trying to find a pattern—let’s dive in. The list warms up with a country/pop crossover hit from Maren Morris—which makes for a […]

Pregnant and Missing a Marathon? Race Rules Likely Won’t Help

Some events don’t allow entry deferrals for any reason, including when you’re expecting a child. Sarah Buccleugh never imagined herself a Boston Marathon qualifier. She finished her first 26.2-mile race, the 2014 New York City Marathon, in 4:46, more than an hour from her age group’s qualifying time. But after moving from her Bronx home, […]

After 9 Years of Perseverance, Heartbreak No More

How one 45-year-old runner shaved an hour from her time to finally qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’ve wanted to run the Boston Marathon since before I even started running, thanks to four years of enthusiastic hollering as part of Wellesley College’s famed Scream Tunnel. My senior year—1996—coincided with the race’s 100th birthday, when event […]

Over a Rooftop and Through the Mud, a Tough Day for World Cross-Country Runners

On a difficult course in Denmark, Team USA placed eighth on Saturday at the 2019 world cross-country championships. Rumor had it that race officials for the 2019 IAAF World Cross Country Championships had something special in store when it came to the course design in Aarhus, Denmark. They didn’t disappoint, according to the athletes who […]

Go With The Flow! Exercise May Reduce Period Pain

One study shows that movement may decrease menstrual discomfort. Here’s why that could be true. There’s something about your period that can turn even the toughest ultrarunner among us into a cliché of a Cathy cartoon: lying on the sofa all day, crying at those ASPCA commercials and eating enough ice cream to trigger your […]

Sara Vaughn Knows Running, Pregnancy, and Comebacks

Soon to be a mom of four, the elite athlete and real estate agent shares eight pearls of wisdom from her experiences training (or not!) through it all. Two years ago, Sara Vaughn captured the attention and admiration of running fans across the country when she overtook six women in the final lap of the […]

Get Planning: How to Train for Your First Triathlon

In the third part of a three-part series, we discuss how to frame a training plan for the rookie triathlete. Read part one and part two. Congratulations on your decision to do this triathlon thing. You have the gear, maybe some goals, and now it’s time to think about your training. In simple terms, consistency […]