JESSICA SEBOR is the editor-in-chief of Women’s Running magazine. A lifelong bookworm, Jessie started running in high school when she realized that years of poring through the library books had not lent her the coordination necessary to practice other team sports. Luckily, she fell madly in love. Jessie has run through mountains in Peru, frigid Czech winters and Times Square at rush hour—but she’s never been anywhere more inspiring than Women’s Running. As editor, she loves sharing her excitement for the sport with women everywhere. Jessie provides editorial direction for the Women’s Running blog, and contributes her weekly ramblings to the Editor’s Corner feature. Follow her on Twitter at JessieSebor.




KARA DESCHENES is a freelance writer and avid runner who fell in love with running as a means of staying fit after college. Though the half marathon is her favorite race distance, Kara loves the challenge of completing 26.2 miles and continues to chase down a PR every time she steps up to the starting line. When not training in sunny Florida with her husband and teenage step-son, Kara can be found playing in the mountains where she seeks fresh air and inspiration. She currently writes for the Women’s Running Blog four times a week and loves every minute of it. Follow her on Twitter at KaraDeschenes.