If you don't have any earmuffs on hand, vaseline could be your secret weapon to beating earache-inducing chilly weather workouts.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training—even when the temperatures drop and the last thing you want to do is log miles in the cold.

My ears ache in the cold—what can I do to protect them on chilly runs?

Make a visit to your local running store or look online for a quality headband or earmuffs. Often there are various options in fabric, thickness and color. Find one that best fits your needs and can be easily thrown in the washing machine. If you don’t like the feeling of something covering your ears, Vaseline is an old-school method that athletes have been using for years to help keep the cold out. Rub a layer of vaseline on your ears and the area around the ear. While it may feel slimy, it will act as a protective “blubber layer” and keep out the winter chill.