What's the best time of day to run in the hot, humid summer months? Coach Hillary Kigar advises.

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NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training–especially when it comes to seasonal training strategies.

I like to do my workouts in the afternoon, but with the weather heating up, should I move them to another time of day?

Every workout has a purpose or a primary objective. Maybe you are working on hill strength, practicing pace, getting used to being able to run fast in hot weather or keeping your footing on a different terrain. First identify what you are trying to accomplish, and then try to set up an environment and training session that help you achieve your workout goal. Typically, you want to have your workout session during the most temperate or cooler part of the summer day. However, if you are preparing for a race that will take place on a hot day, it is beneficial to have a few hard workouts in the warm weather as preparation for race day.


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