Our editors' top picks for July 4th-themed running apparel in 2018.

Smartwool Women’s PhD USA Slopestyle Light Elite Sock, $25

Few pieces of running apparel are as important to a July 4th racing ensemble than the pair of patriotic socks you’ll sport (tall socks, of course, that are visually as loud as possible). Though our editors have in the past tested socks for function and comfort, that’s not really the goal with costume socks—though it is always nice when they feel good to wear, of course. This July 4th, runners putting hands to hearts for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the starting gun sounds will enjoy wearing socks like the Women’s PhD USA Slopestyle Light Elite Sock by Smartwool, a stars-and-stripes design made of durable merino wool and two kinds of stretchy material (nylon and elastane) to keep your feet thematically comfortable. For those that don’t love the tall sock length, Smartwool also makes this pair that has a subtler red, white and blue blend without the extra fabric.

RaesWear Navy Swing Printed Capris, $72-$77

Even though summer is in full swing, there are still some mornings when the nighttime chill takes a while to wear off. For those lining up early on the morning of the 4th, capris might thus serve as a more viable race outfit option than shorts. This red, white and blue pair will keep your legs warm and the holiday spirit very much alive. Featuring a no-slip waistband that has a built-in 360-degree pocket versatile enough to hold your phone, keys, card and mid-race fuel, the Navy Swing Printed Capris by RaesWear are comfortable to wear during a race and festive enough to keep around for your post-race visit to the beer garden.

Mizuno America Star Tank, $32

Go all out with the stars and stripes theme by wearing this America Star Tank by Mizuno. Made with loose-fitting, moisture-wicking material, the tank won’t weigh you down as you race toward the finish line and will keep your body cool as the miles tick by. And if you want to take your commitment to the patriotic theme even further, pair the shirt with this pair of relaxed fit striped shorts.

Mammut Sertig Advanced Low Hiking Shoes, $129

For those who choose to forego the holiday races this year and head to the national parks instead, there are still ways to display holiday spirit without going all in for racing gear. These colorful shoes by Mammut present one such option: Red, white and blue all over, these shoes were designed to perform well when setting brisk paces on tough terrain. The shoes’ “Rolling Concept” sole provides the support hikers need for tricky trails and serves as a valuable addition to the tread on the outsole.

Cotopaxi Teca Windbreaker (Full-Zip), $80

Hiking, stargazing, watching fireworks—all of these potential activities for July 4th may require a jacket to keep you warm, especially if the temperatures in your area tend to dip at night. This full-zip jacket by Cotopaxi is lightweight but effective in resisting windchill and has elasticity built into the hood, wrists and bottom hem. Bonus: The entire jacket can fold into the chest pocket for ultimate compactness.

Buff USA UV Multifunctional Headband, $15

Keep the sweat out of your eyes for any and every activity in which you engage on July 4th with help from the USA-themed UV Multifunctional Headband by Buff. Whether you’re running, hiking, grilling or enjoying the sun on the beach with friends, this headband has moisture-wicking fabric that serves triple-duty as it keeps your head cool, wards off harmful UV rays and manages odor as temperatures creep upwards. This Buff style comes in several colors and patterns, but on July 4th, there’s really only one design to wear.