Coach Hillary Kigar advises on the best cross-training activities for runners to practice during summer workouts.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for athletes of all fitness levels—especially when it comes to seasonal training and cross-training.

I want to change up my training. What are the best summer cross-training activities, and how should I work them into my training plan?

Summer is a great time to mix up your training routine, especially if you are not in the midst of preparing for a race. Some of the best summer options include swimming and aqua jogging. Lap swimming allows you to stimulate your cardiovascular system with zero impact on your joints and bones and minimal stress on your muscles. After a long cycle of training, this is highly beneficial as your legs are able to recover while the inflammation subsides. Aqua jogging is another nonimpact activity that allows you to spend time outside in the water simulating the running motion without the stress from the constant pounding on your legs. You can purchase aqua jogging flotation belts online or at some running stores. If you have access to trails, mountain biking is another fun option as the mountain bike trails are in their best condition in the summer months.


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