As we near the end of 2017, Strava shares its running statistics for the year, gathered from user data logged around the world.

Strava, the social network for athletes, released today its annual report regarding running statistics for 2017, based on data it gathered from millions of Strava users running in 195 countries around the world. Below, we highlight some of the most impressive takeaways from the report.

Big Numbers

Female Runner Stats

Women were on fire in 2017! The average female runner ran 4.7 miles per run at a pace of 9:29 minutes per mile and logged a total of 122 miles throughout the year.

Male Runner Stats

Men did well in 2017, too! The average male runner ran 5.2 miles per run at a pace of 8:12 minutes per mile and logged a total of 135 miles throughout the year.

Make A Plan

That Special Time Of Day

The most popular times of day for exercise differed depending on where runners were located, and whether the workout was a solo or group activity.

Solo Workouts:

Group Workouts:

Post-Run Munchies

The top three most popular fueling foods and beverages mentioned by Strava users were beer, coffee and pizza, with beer coming in as the most popular by far. Strava also recorded a 39.28 percent increase in athletes that tried a Beer Mile this year.

Running To Work

Strava recorded a 43 percent increase in run commuters this year. The top 10 most popular cities for commuting by running in 2017 were (in order): London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York City, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Barcelona and Melbourne.

Best U.S. Running Routes

The top three most popular running routes in the U.S. for 2017 were:

Most Active And Fastest States In The U.S.

California, Texas and New York are the most active states in the country, according to Strava user logs. However, the three fastest states were different: the average mile paces in South Dakota, Louisiana and North Carolina are 7:36, 7:42 and 8 minutes per mile, respectively.


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