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The Numbers Prove It: Our Readers Are Crazy For Fall Running!

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When it comes to fall running, these numbers show that Women’s Running readers are excited to hit the road! Here are a few of the statistics we collected:

The results are in: fall is our readers’ favorite season during which to run!

The half marathon is the winner for fall racing distances among our readers.

Most readers agreed that the best part about fall running is the cooler temperatures (though fall foliage and wild animal sightings also scored high for their sightseeing lists).

Once we get moving, 51.8 degrees doesn’t feel nearly as chilly as it sounds.

For those darker running outings, make sure you’re following our safety tips for running at night and are decked out in the best safety gear.

The Chicago Marathon was packed this year!

This is the best argument we’ve heard yet in favor of eating tons of pumpkin pie this season.

Mornings remain runners’ favorite time of day to run–especially since daylight hours are so limited in the evenings.

With an abundance of flavors to choose from in the fall, it was hard for our readers to pick a favorite!


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