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The All-Too-Familiar Story Behind Nonprofit ‘Stop Street Harassment’

What can we all–men and women–do to make this better?

Street harassment is a symptom of inequality in our society. Anything that each of us can do on a daily basis to chip away at this overall inequality is ultimately going to help reduce street harassment long-term. Day-to-day, try to live your life the way you want to. Always get the support you need if street harassment happens to you and you’re upset: call someone, call our hotline, whatever you need to do to get through the moment. But I really hate that street harassment limits people, and I think that you should try not to limit yourself and live your full life.

For some women, it can be isolating. Some blame themselves. Sharing stories can be important in helping other women feel like they’re not alone. Sharing stories with men can help them better understand this issue and hopefully look out for, recognize and stand up against it. Thinking back to my summer camp, I wish they hadn’t divided the girls and boys. I wish they’d kept us together, and if they were going to do a safety talk, I wish they’d let the boys hear so they knew what girls were facing and talk about how they can be allies, how they can speak out against men they see harassing women and girls.

Ultimately, no country has achieved gender equality, and no country ever will until women and girls are able to safely use public spaces: including going running whenever and wherever they want.


My Body, My Run, My Safety–So Stop Telling Me To Shut Up About It

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