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Shaz Kahng Delivers A New Kind Of Female Hero In “The Closer”

Shaz Kahng Remains The Sports Industry Professional To Keep An Eye On

Shaz Kahng is a name you might not recognize but should probably know. All right, you may be thinking, so who is she? If you didn’t know her name before clicking on this article, you’re in for a treat: Shaz is a business professional who conquers every task she takes on. She’s an author, a mother of twins—and, oh yeah, she was also one of Nike’s first-ever female executives. She also made a different athletic apparel company profitable for the first time in its history after becoming its president and CEO. Not too shabby.

Shaz’s latest project is her debut novel The Closer, a fictional work based loosely on her own experiences as a female executive working in the sports world. The book moves at a quick pace, choosing efficient and effective storytelling over a slower, more contemplative tone. It’s the kind of narrative voice one might expect a business professional to have, and it’s a fitting match for main character Vivien Lee’s own approach to decision-making. Just as important is the type of character Vivien is—because we really don’t see many female characters like her. It’s not until you read Vivien’s story that you begin to feel inspired by the type of female role model she is: a strong businesswoman who side steps any “stereotypes” placed on women in positions of power.

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