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8 Takeaways I Had About Running From The World Championships

Raise your hand if you were completely inspired by the IAAF World Championships these last couple of weeks! There were so many amazing moments—Jenny Simpson barreling down the last 100 meters from fourth to second place, Amy Cragg straight up sprinting at the end of the marathon to fight and win her bronze medal, Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs going 1-2 in the steeplechase with a vengeance!!! The awesome women’s 4 x 400-meter race was another of the many great moments.

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They are professionals, but I know we can take away so much from them and apply their lessons to our own training. Here are the top eight lessons I learned while watching the 2017 IAAF World Championships:

  1. Train with the mindset of an elite runner (can’t stop, won’t stop—give 110 percent).
  2. No matter how tired you think you are, you still have a lot left to give.
  3. Race smart (start conservative, hunt the prey, then go in for the kill: sound advice from my coach).
  4. I CAN do hard things.
  5. Running is full of ups and downs–from amazing breakthrough workouts to unsatisfying, heart wrenching disappointments. No matter what, just keep showing up day after day. It will pay off.
  6. Run all the way through the finish line. It’s never over until it’s over.
  7. We spend years preparing for golden moments that don’t come very often. When they do, soak them in and enjoy the victory.
  8. If you have a positive attitude and continue to lift yourself up, you are already a winner.

Just keep pushing, my runner friends. Your best is yet to come.


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Nat Runs Far

Nat Runs Far

Natalie Mitchell is NatRunsFar. Natalie is mom to three young kiddos and wife to her best friend. She is a seven-time marathoner, four-time Boston qualifier and five-time triathlete. Natalie enjoys taking her readers on a journey of running, inspiration, motherhood, chasing dreams and how to balance it all with a smile. When she isn't running, you'll find her playing with her kids on the beach, hiking, baking or reading. Natalie and her family also love to travel and you can find pictures of their outdoor adventures at and social media. She is an ambassador for Procompression and Stonyfield. Follow her daily musings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @NatRunsFar.