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8 Important Self-Defense Moves For Runners

Bonus Tips: Easy Ways To Arm Yourself

You stash your credit card and house keys in your sports bra or tights pocket for your morning jog, but what about other protective gear? Here are Rubin’s three rules for arming yourself on the run: 

  • Find something you’re comfortable with: You need to feel at ease knowing you can use whatever items you have on you. Not every woman feels comfortable carrying something like a Taser or wearing TigerLady claws. Start with carrying a flashlight (“They call it a deer in headlights for a reason,” she says), a hollow keychain baton or a BodyGuard alarm.
  • Practice makes perfect: “Test it as soon as you get it,” says Rubin. “If you’ve never used something like pepper spray, you don’t know how far it really shoots.”
  • Keep your dominant hand free: You’re never going to feel comfortable running if you’re hitting hill repeats with a Taser in your hand (talk about a pace killer). But to be best prepared in case of an attack, make sure your items are easily available.


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