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Exercises To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Core Activation

Find your pelvic floor muscles and reestablish their relationship with your transverse abdominus (deep ab muscles) and diaphragm (breathing muscle).

  • In proper alignment from #1, place one hand on your lower rib cage and the other on your lower abdomen. Inhale through your nose, letting your rib cage expand in all directions, like an umbrella opening. Allow your belly to relax and gently rise.
  • Exhale through pursed lips and gently lift your pelvic floor. Imagine you are picking up a kidney bean with your vagina. Feel your abdomen move inward in response. Notice your rib cage return to a closed position.
  • Again, inhale through your nose as you soften your abdomen and relax your pelvic floor, imagining you are letting go of the bean.
  • Continue for 3 breaths. Then shift your weight back to mid-foot while maintaining the relative alignment between ribs and hips.
  • Continue breathing here for about 1–2 minutes, alternating between letting go and lifting of the bean on each corresponding inhale and exhale.

Before running, warm up with the first and second tips and then do two sets of the exercises in the third.

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