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Exercises To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor


Your anticipatory core muscles learn to work together again best when you are in a neutral alignment. In running, this neutral positioning also helps reduce forces upon impact, by keeping your center of gravity over your heels as you land (versus landing with your foot out in front of you). Use the ski jump exercise to find neutral:

  • Stand with feet at about hip-width, with arms at your sides.
  • Lean forward from your ankles and feel your weight shift to your midfoot/forefoot.
  • Allow your rib cage to lean in as if you are running against a strong wind. Note that your bum gently untucks.
  • Allow responsiveness in your belly so you can breathe like an umbrella. Notice movement of your rib cage and abdomen as you breathe from your belly, not shoulders.

Practice the first two tips together three times a day to help wake up your core muscles and find good alignment.

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