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Why Runners Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Rest Days

I run because I love it. I plan my schedule around running. Heck, I even plan my vacations around it! But I know that you can’t run every single day—especially if you have big distance or time goals. Rest days are an important part of training.

So while I acknowledge that I have to take rest days, it doesn’t mean they’re my favorite. Here are some reasons why…

I love that rest days help prevent injury. A running related injury is devastating. So even though I want to run every single day for the rest of my life… I know that taking at least one rest day a week helps keep me running long term.

I hate that rest days deny me endorphins. I love the ‘runner’s high.’

I love that rest days give me some extra time in my day. I can do some cross-training (which also helps prevent injuries) or maybe an extra hour to tackle that huge pile of laundry or extra time to eat pizza…

I hate that rest days give me major FOMO. When I’m driving and see someone running along the sidewalk I always think, Hi runner! I run too! Just not today…

I love that rest days give me time to recover and um, REST. The day after a rest day my legs are happy and excited to run. It feels so much better to run on well rested, recovered legs!

I hate that rest days throw off my usual routine. I have a very specific morning wake-up: Coffee, run and get ready. Without running it feels weird and oddly enough, I am usually late on rest days!

I love that rest days give me a little extra time to do non-running, but running-related things. On days I don’t run, I can use that time to improve my fitness by researching races or training plans. I can read a few running articles or books. I can scratch my itch to run in non-active ways that still keep me excited about my favorite hobby.

Question: Rest days—love or hate?

Run Eat Repeat

Run Eat Repeat

Monica Olivas started blogging six years ago to document her weight-loss journey and training for her first marathon at Since then she’s conquered the half marathon and marathon (actually dozens of them) and lost 20 pounds. She shares running tips, reviews, food diaries, weight-loss features and musings about life, liberty and the pursuit of fitness on her site. Monica is a RRCA-certified running coach and ACE-certified personal trainer based out of Southern California. She is a full-time blogger, also blogging for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, and is sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE. Follow her blog for tips on healthy living and on Twitter/Instagram @RunEatRepeat.