If you want to make healthy eating a seamless part of your routine, we tried Diet-to-Go to give you a taste of the meal-delivery service.


There are so many options out there for healthier food delivery, which can help you reach your dieting goals—and life goals—as you save time and energy on figuring out what to eat. With services like Blue Apron, you can turn ingredients delivered to your doorstep into tasty dinners, or you can order pre-made meals from a service like Diet-to-Go. If you’re trying to get your eating under control, it can be a welcome no-brainer to let someone else plan and prep everything.

Many regular clients for this kind of service look at it as a way to make healthier eating a part of their regular routine, as opposed to a short-term sufferfest. So we tried the service to check out the quality, quantities and overall experience. The key to considering whether to sign up comes down to your personal preferences, so here are five insights to consider (each with a photo of a meal you might receive).


If you like flexibility…

We were happy to see variations in total calorie counts, so an avid runner doesn’t have to fear not having enough to eat. Five days of meals were delivered at once, so we enjoyed the options and being able to choose meals based on daily whims. The dishes are designed to be good for a week, though they can be frozen and kept longer. Our five days’ worth easily lasted a week with meals outside the plan.


If you like to eat a certain way…

There are four menus to choose from (Balance, Balance Diabetes, Carb30 or Vegetarian), so you can steer toward your tastes and needs. We tried a lot of vegetarian meals that didn’t have our usual mix of complex carbs and veggies, so it’s helpful to be flexible based on what you receive.


If you like to eat three squares a day…

The program divvies up your daily calories over three meals. If you tend to snack between meals, you may find the portions to be generous. Some were too big for us, especially on rest days. The meals all include calorie counts, so you can go for lower or higher ones based on your day and hunger level.


If you’re a foodie…

Anyone who’s more of a picky eater or likes to cook will likely turn a nose up to some of the meals. But other ones will impress. Our favorite meal was blackened salmon with a spinach-cauliflower purée and Brussels sprouts. The variety of meals definitely adds some excitement, so you can be eating blueberry pancakes one morning and an omelet the next. Dishes that need to be heated can go in the microwave, but some items—like pizza—taste better from a toaster oven.


If you want to learn how to eat better…

You’ll likely be eating something that’s new to you, and you may very well find that you really like barbecue chickpeas or a bean and pasta salad. With portions that are designed for your specific caloric needs, you’d also learn how much you can eat, so you can take that knowledge to a restaurant and eat better for you.

There are going to be positives and negatives for anyone, just like there are trade-offs when you cook for yourself, eat out or decide to order a pizza. But if you’re intrigued, we would definitely recommend trying Diet-to-Go.