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5 Reasons You Should Run A Turkey Trot This Thanksgiving

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Hello! Welcome to November! Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year. I really love to eat and we have a whole day that celebrates comfort FOOD! Yes, please!

But I don’t like to feel gross after a day full of eating so I make sure to do something active on turkey day. One way you can get moving this time of year is by running a Turkey Trot. These “Turkey Trot” races are often fun runs that welcome all kinds of runners, walkers and spectators who want to do something fun and active. There are tons of races all around the country—you’re likely to find one near you. Check your city website, community newspaper, local running store or your favorite race listing website to see your options.

If you’re still on the fence—here are 5 reasons to run a Turkey Trot this year…

1. You can wear a turkey hat.

(But, don’t wear a turkey on your head.)

turkey trot 1

2. You’re going to be eating a lot of delicious food that day. Get a head start on burning those calories!

One local race suggests—“Run the race before you stuff your face!”

turkey trot 2

3. Turkey Trot races are FUN (even more fun than many other races!).

Many Turkey Trot races are considered ‘fun runs’ with tons of casual runners coming out for a good time. The vibe is very festive and fun.

turkey trot fun

4.This might be your last race for the year!

Who knows what kind of weather winter will bring this year? Get outside and run around town before you’re chained to the treadmill.

turkey trot 3

5. It’s good for you, but can also be for a good cause.

Many turkey trots benefit local charities. Check out a few of your local Thanksgiving races to see if they donate proceeds to a shelter, non-profit or other organization.

turkey trot cause

Are you running a Turkey Trot this year?