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A Poetic Tribute To Those Early Risers—You Know Who You Are

You are the quiet ones,
the sneak down the stairs ones,
the lace up your shoes in the dark ones.

The dedicated.
The committed.
The persevere when you’re tired ones.

You are the goal seekers,
the high achievers,
the don’t give up ‘till it’s done ones,

the quiet space in the dawn ones,
before the day awakes ones.

You are the run the day ones,
the get it done ones.

You are the Sunrise Chasers: the Sisterhood of the Early Risers.

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Run Far Girl

Run Far Girl

Sarah Canney is author of, freelance writer, running coach and creator of Run Far Gear and Rise.Run.Retreat. After running on the roads for nearly 14 years, Sarah recently transitioned to trail and mountain running and is an avid snowshoe runner. She is mom to three little ones, whom she homeschools. Sarah is also a passionate fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock, where her son, Jack received care as an infant. After a nine-year battle with anorexia and bulimia, Sarah has reached a point of peace and freedom and openly shares her journey to recovery. You can also find Sarah on Twitter and Instagram as @runfargirl.