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10 Short One-Word Mantras You Can Easily Repeat

I love inspirational stories and movies and sayings. I have a collection of quotes from amazing athletes and inspirational leaders that I have memorized in the past.

I realize that when it gets tough during the last few miles of a training run or race, however, it’s not very easy to just inspire yourself with a story or long poem. When something hurts or is pushing you to your limits, your first thought is not someone else’s story of triumph. If you’re having a super bad run or mile or workout you might need something quick and easy to repeat in your head to help you push through.

Here is a list of 10 one-word mantras you can say over and over to yourself when you need to focus on something positive. Take a look at the list and pick one or two of your favorites. The next time all you can think about is how hard your run is, kick all those thoughts out of your head and just repeat your power word over and over.

  1. Strong
  2. Push
  3. Fast
  4. Go
  5. Yes
  6. Speed
  7. Kick
  8. Quick
  9. Finish
  10. Power

I also like the phrase from ‘Finding Nemo’—“Just keep swimming!!”—but that’s an extra two words so it didn’t make the list.

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