When you're out on course spectating, your role in the race is more important than you think.


When it comes to race spectating, the mother of our Marathon Maniac knows a thing or two. Here are some spectating tips straight from one runner’s biggest fan—her mother.

Visit the race location a day or two early, so you can scope out the best vantage points! Ask about road closures and bring a map with you so you can find back roads to different viewing spots.

Bring a cooler! You’ll be able to pack your runner’s favorite fuel in case she needs a little extra—plus you’ll have room for your own snacks. Spectating is hard work!

Make a sign that inspires everyone, not just your runner. My mom got lots of smiles and thumbs-up for: “99.9% of people can’t do what you do…including me!”

Be loud! Even if it’s not your personality to do a lot of clapping and cheering, you’d be surprised how much fun it is. The runners get a huge boost and they need your energy!

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