The new device is expected to compete with the Apple Watch.

Fitbit Blaze_Sport 1_RGB_HI
Photo: Fitbit

This morning Fitbit unveiled a new smartwatch at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Blaze smartwatch features a full color touchscreen, a first for Fitbit devices, and a battery life of five days. Fitbit is expected to compete with the Apple Watch, which only has a battery life of 18 hours.

The Blaze is compatible with all smartphones and will send text, call and calendar notifications straight to the watch, as well as provide music controls. It continuously tracks heart rate, sleep and activity throughout the day, with the ability to switch to different modes of activity for more accurate tracking. If the user forgets to switch, the watch has SmartTrack, a new technology able to detect different types of exercise.

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The Blaze also comes pre-programmed with three FitStar workouts and the option to sync more workouts to your watch. The watch has Connected GPS, but much like the Apple Watch, you need to carry a smartphone to track mileage and pace. All of the information syncs via Bluetooth to your phone.

Fitbit Blaze_Lineup
Photo: Fitbit

The Fitbit Blaze retails for $199 out of the box. Wristbands vary in price from $30-130. The watch is currently available for presale before it officially launches in March 2016.