When you don't feel like running, these tricks will get you to lace up.


Here’s your cheat sheet to get more motivated and get running:

Look at old race photos.
Reminiscing about a past triumph can bring back memories of being strong. By looking at photographic proof that, yes, you can complete a race, it will be hard to doubt your abilities at the next starting line.

Remember where you started.
Don’t let yourself get bogged down by a bad day. You started somewhere much smaller, and you’ve grown into a much bigger place. Your path over the last weeks, months or even years is a much better reflection of where you are today than one measly run that didn’t go well.

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Consider seeing a sports psychologist.
If self-confidence is an ongoing road-block, looking into a third party to assist could be beneficial. Olympian Kara Goucher says, “I personally have worked with a sports psychologist for well over a de-cade now. It is just as important as lifting weights and stretching.”