If you want to drop hints about what to get YOU this holiday season, just leave this gallery open on your computer screen.

In case you missed our first online gift guide, here is another collection with more ideas:

Run Wild Run Free Motivate Wrap, $19
Vim&Vigr Women's Wool Compression Socks, $35
Merrell Farrow Hybrid Softshell, $185
Fitbit Surge, $250
Theraband Roller Massager, $39
Feetures! Elite Max Cushion, $16
K-Deer Capri in Dutchess, $88
Sneaker Balls, $10 for 6-pack
She Believed She Could So She Did, Hand Stamped, Inspirational Necklace, $28
CEP Women's Dynamic+ Run UltraLight Short Socks, $23
Hurom HH Elite Series Slow Juicer, $399
Scrubba Wash Bag, $55
RecoFit Women's Compression Tights, $145
Posie Turner All or Nothing or Perfect Timing, $20