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This Piece Of Gear Helps Banish Inner Thigh Chafing

No two runners are the same. But all runners agree that chafe, especially thigh chafe, is a serious buzz kill to the elusive “runner’s high.” And it seems everyone has had at least one raw skin horror story. No one wants his or her lasting marathon memory to be of painful, bloodied skin.

So what’s a runner to do? Avoiding cotton while sweating is essential. Soft and breathable fabrics, minimized seams and even seamless construction make a difference in long-term comfort, possibly solving the issue for some lucky runners. Lubricants and powders also work. But for long runs or exceptionally hot and humid weather, they need to be reapplied, and that’s far from practical. Wearing tights and capris is an effective solution. Yet there are days when you simply want to wear a pair of shorts.

And that’s where Bandelettes have a solution, for running and for everyday life.

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Made of soft microfiber, these six-inch long elastic bands cover thighs and prevent the chafing that comes with skin-to-skin friction. The fabric is wicking and breathable, with two rows of silicone grip to keep Bandelettes in place—no tugging or adjusting needed. They come in multiple sizes for a perfect fit.

The unisex version (because men have chafing too), shown in black, can be worn with running shorts or skirts and looks no different than thigh compression bands or boy shorts.

Tell us, how do you prevent chafing on the run?

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