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Fall TV Show Titles Interpreted By Runners

^ me after a hard night out.
^ me after a hard night out.

Ah, fall.  It’s one of the best times of the year. No, I’m not talking about the cooler weather or marathon season; prime time TV is back! If you love TV as much as I do, this is very exciting. But if you’re also a runner, some of your favorite shows may take on a whole new meaning when you start to think about it…

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Game of Thrones: When you try to figure out which is the shortest line for the bathroom before your race.

The Walking Dead: When you attempt to go for a Saturday morning run after Friday night cocktails.

Blackish: Your toenails after marathon training.

Scandal: Going commando on your long run.

How to Get Away With Murder: What you think about when someone cuts you in line for a treadmill at the gym.

Modern Family: When you and your spouse are runners. And your kids. And your parents.

Criminal Minds: The people who came up with hill sprints.

Bones: What you ache down to after a tough week of training.

2 Broke Girls: Why you and your running buddy don’t have a gym membership.

Undateable: What you are during marathon training.

New Girl: What you feel like when you first take up running and try to figure out what the heck tempo and fartlek mean.

Scream Queens: Your awesome cheering section when you cross the finish line.

Survivor: What you are after finishing your race. In the rain. With a bum knee.

Supergirl: What you must be to fit your training into your crazy-busy work/family/social life.

Limitless: What you feel like when you run after the perfect amount of rest/snacks/caffeine.

60 Minutes: How long your hard run actually is.

48 Hours: How long your hard run feels like it is.

American Ninja Warrior: The title you deserve after finishing your first obstacle run.

Alison Barsalona

Alison Barsalona

Alison Barsalona started running when her best friend decided they should join the cross-country team in high school. After trading running for the equestrian team in college, she found her way back to the treadmill when she realized her gym subscribed to Bravo and Food Network. She's lived in six states and always finds the best routes to run in each new town as soon as she moves in (right after finding the best pizza place). A new mom, she now lives in Delaware and is busy perfecting the art of the jogging stroller.