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A Workout At Work? It Can Be Done With These 7 Exercises.

Upper Back Stretch
Put a foam roller on the ground and lie face up with it horizontally under your shoulders. Inter-lock your fingers to cradle your head, engage your core and lift hips off the floor. Slowly roll your body back and forth over the roller, going from the top to the bottom of your shoulder blades. This will relax your upper back and help keep your arms in a natural position when you run.
Repeat 10 times.

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Allison Pattillo

Allison Pattillo

Allison played field hockey and golf while growing up, but always ran “just for the fun of it.” She completed and won her age group in her very first race, a 5K, when she was 26 so that she would at least know how to pin on her number before running her first marathon a month later. Those two races turned into dozens, from mile long sprints to ultras, running to triathlon with some ski and snowshoe racing mixed in as well. After earning a Boston qualifier and completing her first IRONMAN 140.6, this mother of two is now focused on seeing how much she can better her 3:48 PB marathon time, running the World Marathon Majors (Boston and Tokyo are in the books!) and tackling a 50-miler.