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A Workout At Work? It Can Be Done With These 7 Exercises.

According to Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless an external force is applied to it. That external force is often your desk chair.

Recent studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time not only undoes the benefits of a daily run, but it can also lead to muscle imbalances similar to those often blamed on running, such as tight hamstrings, low back pain, IT band syndrome and runner’s knee. Not to mention, staying on your tush increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

But that doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause if you have a desk job. The solution comes in finding ways to incorporate consistent movement throughout the day. This works to rejuvenate you mentally and physically.

When it’s 3 p.m. and you crave a candy bar, what your body really wants is some blood flow. Try some of the following office-friendly, no-sweat movements to feel sharp throughout the day.

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What You’ll Need
Keep these items stashed at your desk so muscles are loose and ready for a run.

STX Lacrosse Ball
The firmness of a lacrosse ball hurts so good for trigger-point work. You can also roll your feet on it while sitting at a desk.

PB Elite Molded Foam Roller
At three feet long and six inches round, this high-density foam roller works for full-body self-massage.

BackJoy Posture Plus
The portable nature of this device helps you reach optimal posture wherever you sit.

A girl can dream…Bellicon Classic Rebounder
Use this to take a jumping jog break—even a minute of bouncing gets blood pumping and stops an afternoon slump before it starts. Borden, who says, “It would be my fantasy to have one in every office in the world!” suggests co-workers go in together to buy one for the office common area or break room.

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Allison Pattillo

Allison Pattillo

Allison played field hockey and golf while growing up, but always ran “just for the fun of it.” She completed and won her age group in her very first race, a 5K, when she was 26 so that she would at least know how to pin on her number before running her first marathon a month later. Those two races turned into dozens, from mile long sprints to ultras, running to triathlon with some ski and snowshoe racing mixed in as well. After earning a Boston qualifier and completing her first IRONMAN 140.6, this mother of two is now focused on seeing how much she can better her 3:48 PB marathon time, running the World Marathon Majors (Boston and Tokyo are in the books!) and tackling a 50-miler.