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Time for a PR With Our Half Marathon Training Plan

Christine Hinton /

High off your first half marathon and eyeing your second? Or maybe have multiple 13.1 medals dangling from doorknobs and stuffed into drawers? Regardless of how many darts you have on your running board, nabbing a new personal best never gets old. What’s more rewarding than setting a goal time, training hard, and nailing it on race day?

This plan is designed for a runner looking to hit the 1:45, 2:00 or 2:30 mark in the half marathon. That’s right: One plan for three goals. Why? Because speed is relative. Someone training for a 2:30 is working just as hard as someone aiming for a 1:45 finish. Despite different paces, the effort is equal.

Designed to be flexible, this plan is meant to cater to different fitness levels. The seasoned runner can choose the higher end of the mileage and intervals given, while a newbie should employ the lower end of the ranges. Intermediate runners can choose somewhere in the middle or mix things up to individualize their training.

Before starting the program, you should have a solid base of at least six months of consistent running and be able to comfortably cover a  5- to 6-mile run. A recent 5K or 10K is helpful and can be used to  determine what goal time you should reasonably target.

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