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Why I Run: Lauren Fleshman

Strutting down the Oiselle runway, i.e., Fleshman’s slowest-ever professional performance.

Lauren Fleshman ran her first race as punishment for being late to gym class when she was 13 years old. Little did her PE teacher know, Fleshman would blossom into a world-class runner. Two-time U.S. champion in the 5,000 meters, she now races every distance from the 800 to the marathon. The new mom and co-founder of Picky Bars is not only one of the fastest chicks on the planet—she’s also the funniest person we follow on Twitter.

“Running started out as something for me—but then I had my son, Jude. Running is still my me time, but now my family enhances my running in a way that I am only beginning to understand.”

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