Our readers are full of creative solutions for displaying race bibs.

@KJMediaDarling has the best message on her bib and medal boards!
We wish we could scrapbook as beautifully as @Lesley262
@cjleigh2 keeps adding more accomplishments to her wall display.
@morganchocklett got her bib display inspiration from Pinterest.
@AdrienneRunsZA has a cute wall display!
@MarathonLar turned her bibs into a shopping bag!
@MsPumpnRun displays current bibs in her office and adds past ones to this ring.
@Kristalynn1313 is using her bibs as treadmill room wallpaper.
@thelatterlaura displays her latest bibs and medals on her wall.
@MilePosts had her race bib made into coasters!
@AbbeeyLang gets to look at her race bibs when she wakes up in the morning!
@CottageofStone created her own flipbook!
What better place for @NYCRunningMama's bibs than behind her treadmill!
@AmyRuns810 is filling up her wall with bibs!
@jessandroland takes a photo of her recent accomplishments.
@steph_anie17 just looks to her wall for inspiration.
@Runner_Leana has a magnetic board in her hallway.
@MadiaJenn is wallpapering her room!
@oohmercyme displays bibs and medals on her wall
Soon @ultrakp26 is going to need a new frame!
@marcyaquino frames her bib and rotates the display.
@angleflett made her own display and posts her most recent race on top.
@maelee_33's driftwood ladder is one of the most creative displays!
@megan_biller made her own scrapbook.
@nikson1978 decorates her office
Not only does @trailscocktails have an amazing Twitter name but also she also has a gorgeous wall display!
A fancy wall display from @pavementrunner
@BrooklynRunCo built a store around their race bibs

On Monday, I became exasperated by the clutter of race bibs around my house. It seemed that every time I opened a closet, drawer, or box, there would be a bib waiting for me. I felt like a hoarder of race memories! Naturally the only solution to this problem was to ask our readers how they organize our race bibs. With the help of a retweet from a little birdie, we received so many ingenious and creative responses. Here are a few photos that our readers shared with us. Want to read more of our reader’s ideas or share your own? Head over to our Twitter page or tag us on Pinterest!

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