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2 Charity Half Marathon Training Plans!

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Fundrai$ing Advice

Nervous about meeting your fundraising goal? Don’t stress! You’ll get there if you follow these tips for success. 

Start early. The sooner you begin raising money, the more you’ll raise and the less pressure you’ll feel, so you can focus on your training.

Create a fundraising website. Most charities offer a way for you to publicize your efforts and collect donations online. Take advantage of it. People are more likely to donate if there’s a web-based process.

Just ask. It’s easy to forget that the best way to raise funds is simply to ask your friends and family.

Facebook is your friend! Don’t neglect social media—it’s a highly effective platform for spreading the word to your personal network.

Share the “why.” Explain to potential donors why the cause is meaningful to you. Even if you don’t have a personal connection to the cause, share why you chose this charity and how money raised will make a difference.

Look for matching opportunities. Ask the company you work for to match what you raise. This is a common practice in large organizations.

Hold a fundraising event. Host a trivia night or happy hour at a bar or restaurant. Charge pay-what-you-wish admission and ask the restaurant to donate a percentage of the proceeds.

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