If you have to stay indoors for a run, here are some important pieces of treadmill etiquette to follow for an even better workout.

treadmill etiquette
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There comes a time in every runner’s life when they have to opt for an indoor run instead of hitting the roads or trails outside. Although running on a treadmill has its challenges, it is a viable option and can be used to get a valuable workout in.

While some of us might thrive on a little friendly treadmill competition, not everyone enjoys a “treadmill creeper.” That said, it’s important to understand three essential rules for treadmill running in a gym. Some may seem a bit common sense, but it is good to have a reminder every now and again.

Keep your germs to yourself.

Most gyms provide disinfectant spray or wipes to conveniently clean machines after use. Take the 30 seconds to wipe your treadmill down so that the next person will be able to enjoy the treadmill germ-free.

Obey time limits.

Ever get to the gym and find every treadmill is already in use? It stinks, doesn’t it? Just as you want another runner to be courteous and stay within the time limits, please return the favor and make sure you don’t wear out your welcome when others are waiting. If there’s no line to use the machines, feel free to push a little longer. When there’s a line, be kind. Check with your gym to see what time limits they expect you to abide by for these situations.

Eyes on the road.

Or your own treadmill. No one likes to feel the creepy feeling of being watched. A treadmill can be a great tool to challenge yourself and push your own run workout. Make sure you keep the focus on your run and not your neighbor’s. Remember, there’s no medal at the end or podium to win; so race yourself, not the person next to you who’s an unsuspecting bystander.