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5 Of The Best Spots To Go For A Run In New York City

Sure,  if you were to create a top-10 list for New York City (à la David Letterman), pizza, bagels, Times Square, Broadway shows and crazy cabbies might make the cut—but running would probably not be on there. However, as far as local and visiting runners are concerned, this city, home to one of the world’s most loved marathons and most pedestrian-friendly parks, does not disappoint.

“Certain parts of town can be really crowded, and the weather is definitely less than perfect, but I think there are way more positives than negatives to training here,” says coach Jonathan Cane, president of City Coach Multisport. “There are lots of great scenic routes and useful running resources. Plus, there’s a race happening almost every weekend.” So next time you’re visiting the Big Apple, be sure to pack your kicks, cue the Frank Sinatra and tackle one (or more!) of these fabulous two-footed running tours.

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