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Train For An Obstacle Race With This 6-Week Plan

But first a few guidelines…

Warm up before every workout. An active warm-up is important before an obstacle race or training session since you’re using your entire body. Make sure you’re loose and limber going into every workout by completing a few walking lunges and lateral lunges, planks, arm swings and hip circles.

Get in touch with your inner-child. In an obstacle race you’ll be called upon to navigate monkey bars, balance on beams, climb walls and traverse ropes. Chances are you can find all of those things at your local playground. This is a great excuse to play more with your kids. No children? Borrow some nieces or nephews or use the playground during o -hours.

Run off-road. Obstacle races take place on dirt. So why train on concrete or asphalt? Even in urban areas, you usually can run on the grass along sidewalks or through parks. Challenge yourself to stay o of cement as much as possible.

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