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Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan!

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Easy Runs (ER): Perform these runs at a comfortable, conversational pace. If you find yourself huffing and puffing, slow down.

Run/Walk (R/W): Alternate between running and walking. Perform your walk intervals at a brisk pace, so it’s not too difficult to transition back to running. Try alternating between one minute of walking and one minute of running. If this feels too easy, increase the amount of time you run. If it’s too difficult, walk for longer. Once you find a ratio that works best for you, gradually increase your running intervals and decrease your walking intervals each week.

Walks (W): You’ll walk some of your miles so you can safely build your fitness, but keep a brisk pace.

Tempo Runs (TR): Tempo runs build your confidence and improve your speed. They should be performed at a “comfortably hard” pace—faster than your easy runs, but not so tough so that you’re breathing heavily. Start your temp runs with a warm-up mile of easy running and finish with a relaxed cool-down mile.

Cross Training (XT): Incorporate one or two days of non-impact cross-training, such as cycling, elliptical, swimming and yoga into your routine to build your fitness and prevent injuries.

Strength Training (ST): Perform 20 minutes of lower body and core strengthening exercises (pushups, squats, lunges, deadlifts, planks, etc.).

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