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Training Plans: Fastest 10K Ever!

Christine Luff /
Photo by Travis McCoy

Ready to break a 10k barrier?

Whether you’re shooting to run under 60, 50 or 45 minutes, we have the perfect plan to help you make a new record a reality. Choose your 10k race, follow the schedule that works for you and in 12 weeks you will be running the race of your dreams!

Rev Your Engine

All three of these training programs assume that you’ve already run at least one 10k race. If you haven’t, you can still follow the basic guidelines of the “Sub-60 Minute Plan,” but run at an effort that’s comfortable for you rather than the pace prescribed. The good news is if you are new to the distance, as long as you cross the finish, you’re guaranteed a personal best! For runners who have run a 10k before, choose a goal that’s realistic for you.

Each program is based on three key workouts: tempo runs, speed work and long runs. These are the most difficult and the most important workouts in your schedule. In addition, you’ll mix in some easy runs, strength training and cross training to improve your endurance base. Always take one day of complete rest each week so your body has a chance to recover and repair itself.


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