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Running In Humidity

Kara Deschenes /

First things first. You can always count on Women’s Running to be honest with you and this is no exception. One of our former interns, (and superstar runner girl!) Amy Jo Sullivan, posted this clever little ditty through social media yesterday. As we shook our heads in agreement, we knew you would too and therefore had to share the giggle!

Running in humid weather can be a brutal adventure. Suddenly your normal pace takes a good beating as you try to navigate through the thick, soup-like summer air. Though the rays of beautiful sunlight are ever so enticing, running indoors might be a better option during periods of high temps coupled with high humidity. Check out this chart that shows how the percentage of humidity affects the relative temperature:

Here at the Women’s Running office in sunny Florida, we’ve been experiencing temps around 91 with 65% humidity. That means it actually feels like 103 degrees! As the chart warns, extreme caution should be taken when running during this combination of weather factors. Whether you chose to gut it out and run outside or take it to the treadmill, it’s important to stay safe during summer month training. Women’s Running magazine Editor-In-Chief, Jessie Sebor, shared her hot weather running tips a couple of weeks ago, and recruited a few from our readers. Don’t let the heat keep you from conquering your goals!

We want to know, what’s the relative temperature where you are right now?

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