Barefoot running- it’s all the rage. Just take a look around your local running store and you’re sure to find a plethora of minimalist shoes, designed to mimic the benefits of barefoot running. For those of us who came into the sport of running wanting to buy the most cushioned shoe we could get our hands on, the thought of running barefoot can be a scary one.

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That is, until we read the book, Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. The book starts with one man’s journey to answer the question: Why does my foot hurt? and leads readers down a path to understand the underlying principles of barefoot running. In his hunt for answers, McDougall finds the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico and a man named Micah True (nicknamed Caballo Blanco). With the help of Caballo, a loner who’s spent his life befriending the Native Americans of the Tarahumara tribe, McDougall discovers his inner athlete by completing a 50 mile race. A truly interesting read for anyone interested in joining the barefoot revolution, Born To Run challenges all that we’ve come to think true in running shoe technology over the past several decades.

Here at Women’s Running, we love a running legend who transforms how we think about running. As someone who dedicated his life to sharing the running traditions of the Taramhumara tribe, Caballo Blanco will be greatly missed among the running community. Though specific details are not known at this point, Caballo’s body was found alongside a mountain stream in New Mexico after setting out for a routine 12 mile run just days earlier.

Running revolutionary, Caballo Blanco. Photo courtesy of Denver Westward Blogs.

So today, in Caballo’s honor, we’re curious- what do you think about barefoot running?