Hello warmer weather – how I’ve missed you! With the official start to spring, the weather here in Boulder is proving more than agreeable – it’s downright lovely. While I’m sure we’ll have a few more blanketing snow flurries before the colder temperatures are finally put to rest, there’s no denying that a change in seasons is imminent. Logo_mtn_gold

I had an early taste of spring a few days ago, when my outdoor run turned into a suffer-fest of sidelining sneezes. Seasonal allergies always hit me with a wallop, and even though I could barely see signs of fresh growth on the ground or trees, the windy conditions had whipped something significant into the air. I use an over the counter allergy medication when my sniffles are at their peak, but I’m also eager to try augmenting my diet with local wildflower honey. I’ve often heard this is a great way to combat allergies, as the honey-producing bees pollinate from local flowers – and ingesting the sweet treat can help build a natural resistance. Madhava Honey – one of Colorado’s finest locally produced brands – is at the top of my grocery list.

Of course, I’ll gladly take a bout of sneezing and wheezing here and there if it comes with a fair dose of sunshine, longer daylight hours and an overall feel of fresh, new energy and zest for outdoor fun. I love how springtime renews not only the earth each year, but also my own excitement for all that it has to offer!

– Holly Bennett