MC900331699[1]I know I’m not alone in what I’m currently experiencing. I’m struggling to get fit again after a chunk of time off, and my body isn’t responding as quickly as I would like. I’m sure it’s a combination of age (it’s a bit harder to rebound in my 40’s than when I was in my 20’s!), time (I constantly remind myself that getting from point A to point B requires many baby steps in between – a runner is not built in a day!) and motivation (when I feel less fit, I find it more difficult to churn out a hardcore workout) that contribute to my frustration.

But then there are the things that contribute positively to my return to top form. For example, the burning soreness I feel in my quads and glutes today, following a trail run yesterday, the longest and hilliest run I’ve done in months. I love and crave that soreness! There are other things, too – the increased appetite I feel when I train hard, the healthy flush I notice in my cheeks, the possibility of signing up for a Springtime 10k and the excitement I know I’ll feel looking forward to the competition.

What about you? What are your tricks, secrets or tried & true methods to get back in gear when you’ve been thrown off track? I certainly want to know, and I imagine I’m not alone!