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You and your Valentine can benefit from working out together–even if you’re at different fitness levels. Jennifer Cohen, fitness expert and trainer on the upcoming reality show Shedding for the Wedding, shares her training tips for couples:

1) Keep date night fresh. Instead of dinner and a movie, get moving with a bike ride or a walk in the park.

2) When exercising together, be sure to maintain your own personal optimal intensity. You can do this by using Polar training computers.  Polar training computers will help you each find and maintain your workout “sweet spot”, aka the right heart rate intensity zone.

3) Partnering up can bring better results and greater motivation. But, be sure to track your individual progress objectively, not comparatively. Daily performance can change due to stress, illness and everything else life throws at you. Some days are easier than others; heart rate is the only true way to monitor intensity and know if you’re getting better.

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