Ever wish your breakfast cereal not only filled your belly with wholesome whole grains, but also sent you out into the day with a hearty hug and wishes for great adventure? That’s kind of the point with new Bulumu granola.

The name is an acronym for “Buckle Up, Love You, Miss You”, the oft-repeated well-wish shared between co-founder Jasmine Oeinck and her mother, as Jasmine travelled the globe in pursuit of her athletic dreams. A budding professional triathlete, Jasmine’s passion eventually led her to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. It was there that she began testing her healthy concoctions on her teammates, treating their taste buds with all-natural real-food granola goodness.

Fast forward a few years, and Jasmine lives in Boulder, where she and partner Brandon Bailey share a passion for their budding business, as well as the active lifestyle that spurred Bulumu’s creation. While a year plagued with injury temporarily sidelined Jasmine’s athletic career, the hiatus allowed her to focus fully on launching Bulumu, and the company is experiencing powerful momentum among health-conscious athletes and outdoor-minded individuals alike. Jasmine and Brandon clearly intend their granola to spark more than healthy eating – they’re eager to build a true community around their brand, one which encourages and inspires well-fueled adventures.

But what sets Bulumu apart in an already crowded breakfast cereal market (aside from an uber-cool name that will make you wish you’d though of it first)? Taste, of course, is foremost with any food product, and Bulumu is lip-smacking good from the very first bite. The Red, White & Blueberry flavor is a clean-tasting classic style granola replete with dried cranberries and blueberries and crunchy almonds. For more inquisitive palates, the Orange Ginger Cranberry zings across your taste buds with chunks of zesty ginger and citrus, balanced against mellowing walnuts. It’s hard to pick a favorite – instead I plan to keep plenty of both on hand to suit my varying food moods.

Unlike many of its counterparts, Bulumu contains no canola oil, hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. The cereal is sweetened with raw wildflower honey and organic light agave nectar, providing a real food flavor that’s low in fat and chock full of wholesome, natural ingredients. Kind of makes you want to hug it right back!

At present, Bulumu is available in a variety of Boulder and Denver area retail outlets, with plans to expand at a steady, yet comfortable pace. If Colorado shopping is inconvenient, purchases can be shipped from the online store anywhere within the United States.

– Holly Bennett