Fluid recovery drink has only been on the market a few short years, but in elite athlete circles it’s well known as a top-notch product for transitioning muscles from one hard workout to the next. Recovery products are a critical component of sports nutrition – particularly when consumed immediately following exercise, in what is commonly referred to as the “recovery window”. They help repair micro-tears in muscle tissue and replenish muscle energy levels – so that day upon day, athletes can put in the quality hard work to achieve their training and racing goals. Product-package-verticle

That all sounds pretty positive. But the downside of many recovery products is that they’re oftentimes not very appetizing. The drinks tend to have a gritty or chalky texture with an odd protein aftertaste. Fluid successfully tackles this challenge with an all natural ingredient blend which tastes refreshing and goes down smoothly. The lactose and gluten-free formula contains high quality whey protein isolate, complex carbohydrates, L-glutamine, sodium, potassium and Vitamin C – which work together to aid muscle replenishment and recovery. Interestingly, Fluid was actually created as part of a senior project at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, California – a hotbed of endurance sports action. For more information on Fluid and the important role of recovery in sports nutrition, visit www.livefluid.com.

– Holly Bennett