I’m generally very thirsty when I run, so for any effort
lasting more than 30 minutes, I carry an electrolyte sports drink. Of course, I
can’t stand any type of bottle or belt that feels burdensome, so I’m always on
the lookout for hydration accessories that allow me to tote exactly what I need
– and not a drop more. My favorite short-distance drink carrier is the FuelBelt
Sprint 10-oz Palm Holder

The Sprint consists of a 10-oz ergonomically contoured
bottle and a simple, adjustable strap that secures the bottle to your hand. The
strap also has a small zipper pocket, just the right size for a car key, credit
card or energy gel. The design is basic, which is exactly why I find it so
appealing – the Sprint fits comfortably in my hand, the 10-oz liquid-filled bottle
not heavy enough to be distracting but just large enough to quench my thirst
during my short-to-medium runs. Try the FuelBelt Sprint Palm Holder and I
guarantee you’ll never schlep along a regular water bottle again!