Last week was the beginning of something new for me. With a
little encouragement (or peer pressure, depending on how you want to look at
it), I ventured outside my comfort zone and experienced my very first pedicure
with a few of the girls from the office. For me, a pedicure was always out of
the question as I am always trying to hide my black toenails caused by running.
I did my best to resist, but the girls insisted that I join them in treating
ourselves to a little bit of pampering during our lunch break.


To my surprise, the pedicure turned out to be very enjoyable
and very relaxing. Not only did it give my feet and toes the treatment they
deserve, but it was also a great way to spend time with each other outside of
the office. Venturing out of my comfort zone and enjoying a little bit of
pampering made me realize that it is okay and even good to indulge every once
in a while. For me this was more than a pedicureā€¦it was a nice little treat to
my feet for all of the miles they carry me through.

How do you reward yourself (or your feet) for all of your
hard work? Do you allow yourself to indulge every once in a while?