Since we are on the subject of feet…

I would love to share with you all one of my favorite
running ‘finds’! Through all my travel to the expos, I frequently ran into (no
pun intended) the Rider Sandals booth. Intrigued by their cute product and
fabulous price point, I couldn’t resist trying them. I have been wearing the Rider Relay WM III Sliders for over
a year now and have loved every minute of it.


Rider Relay WM III Sliders

Recently, they debuted the DRY WM
III Thong Sandal
, which has become a fast favorite of mine.


DRY WM III Thong Sandal

I highly recommend these sandals to those of you out there
who do not have a recovery shoe. I first wore the Rider Relay WM III sliders
after the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego last June and they felt amazing! After and
accomplishing a personal best time, I was on an airplane headed back to Tampa
only three hours after finishing the race…

I knew these sandals were comfortable, but I was truly
surprised at the recovery they provided for my legs, my feet and me. If you
travel for races the way I do, or stay close to home, these shoes are so
comfortable and leave your legs ache-free. Whether I have a short or long run
for the day, I put on the Rider recovery sandals and receive an instant
massage. You can find out more about Rider Sandals at or at a local
retailer near you.

What are some of your favorite running ‘finds’? Do you have
a specific product, food or routine that works for you?