Let’s face it – along with all the positive benefits of
running, there are a few unappealing side effects. Inevitably, after mile upon
sweaty mile, one’s running shoes can downright stink. That’s why Stuffitts Shoe
are a perfect stocking stuffer for any athlete on your list.

Stuffitts are a unique product designed to absorb moisture
and eliminate odor from even the nastiest of shoes. The foot-shaped insert
combines a technical wicking fabric with a cedar-packed core to draw moisture
and odor away from the shoe, leaving your runners fresh and dry and ready to
hit the road for your next outing. Stuffitts are also great for travel, in
order to avoid packing wet and stinky running shoes in a suitcase of otherwise
clean clothes. Stuffitts come in a variety of colors and sizes, and they’re
honestly quite cute – not a descriptor often used in conjunction with a hygiene