JeneOn occasion, I enjoy posting quotes from real women runners. Whether barely a
beginner, an experienced elite, or any level in between, all of us gals are
bound together by the common themes of our running experience.

I had always wanted to run but was never able due to poor health – until medicine
improved in my early 30’s. My first goal was to run one mile, then a 5k. I
began by walk/running. At this time, I was also embarking on my journey as a
single mother of three young children. Running and cycling became my meditation
in motion. The endorphins, escape, meditation and positive self-esteem I gained
from my new hobby and new circle of healthy friends made all the difference in
making it through several near-impossible years. My motto became, “Be the
Turtle.” It is not about how fast you go but the fact that you are training for
life – just keep moving forward!

this vision in mind I have now competed in numerous triathlons and running
events, including thirteen Ironmans and seven World Championships. I have also become
an endurance coach and am very passionate about helping regular people meet
their athletic goals. I believe that training has to fit into our very full lives,
as opposed to our lives fitting into our training. –Jene, 44

can learn more about Jene’s personal experience here, and about her Lifetime
coaching programs here.