On occasion, I enjoy posting quotes from real women runners. Whether barely a
beginner, an experienced elite, or any level in between, all of us gals are
bound together by the common themes of our running experience.

“I used to run competitively when I was in
high school, the 800m and 1500m. Then I didn’t run again until I was 31. We got
a 10-month-old Staffordshire Terrier. I would walk her; the walks turned into
run-walks, which then turned into daily 2.5 mile runs.

One day I felt pretty good and wanted to extend my
regular run, thinking maybe I could make it 4 miles. I felt really good
afterwards. Shortly thereafter I saw a 10K race advertised. It was a
charity race and the course went along the coast. I figured even if it killed
me, I’d still get a great view during the run!” – Heather, 39