On occasion, I like to post quotes from real
women runners. Whether barely a beginner, an experienced elite, or any level in
between, all of us gals are bound together by the common themes of our running

“What do I think
about when I run? Man, where do I start! Why turkeys are so ugly?
Why the deer are so small? Why do skunks spray to attract females in mating
season? Then I think about racing and winning – and I’m on top of the world. Most
days I think about the sweet retired couples who I see out walking. They smile
and say hello as I run by. I wonder when I’m going to meet Mr.
Wonderful. I think about what I’m going to eat for dinner or after my
run. I think about my friendships and my relationships. I think about
creating better products for runners; I wonder how I can enhance their
experience. I think about EVERYTHING.” – Tracy, 39